CloudStack (CLSK)

ERC20 Token that have a cloud staking function. Let your certified ERC20 cryptocurrency wallet filled with staked CLSK token automatically upon HODL

CloudStack CLSK Supported Exchange
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Just HODL a minimum 600 CLSK token on your COINBASE wallet to eligible for cloud staking. Let STAKGEN do the rest. To be eligible, just load CLSK by buying CloudStack CLSK from TheCloudStack Organization

Staking Percentage

Up to 8% cloud staking CloudStack CLSK token will be calculated and generated based on your minimum token HODL. The more you HOLD CLSK token on your wallet, the more you will get.


No one can moves or withraw your hard earn CloudStack CLSK token from your wallet. You control your own wallet. You own your private keys personally. Never exposed your wallet private keys

CloudStack CLSK 

Discover CLSK

CloudStack (CLSK) token has been designed based on ERC20 standard set aside by ETHEREUM cryptocurrency community. CLSK were developed with a staking capability based on certain criteria.

This way everyone who own a minimum 600 CLSK on their COINBASE cryptocurrency wallet will get their reward paid via generated token upon staking maturity. Based on the design, staking maturity will be once every 6 days upon the quantity of token hold.

TheCloudStack Organization planned to create an EcoSystem for CLSK being used and function within the community.

What is cloudstaking ?

CloudStaking is the process your wallet interact with cloudstaking management server (via STAKGEN algorithm) for uses to validate transactions and award you with tokens. When your wallet is staking, the cloudstaking management server (STAKGEN) will checking transactions to make sure everyone who sends tokens actually owned those tokens and had the right to transfer them. If most of the wallets online agree and the cloudstaking management server (STAKGEN) acknowledge that a transaction is valid, then it gets accepted by the network.

Token age is the age of your tokens. Imagine you get a new wallet and start out with zero tokens. On Monday, your friend sends you 5,000 tokens. On Wednesday, you decide to buy 10,000 more tokens and deposit them to your wallet. Assuming it’s Thursday, you’ll have two groups of tokens. The first group of 5,000 has 3 days of token age, and the second group of 10,000 tokens has 1 day of token age. When tokens are sent to another address or successfully stake (generate reward), STAKGEN moves CLSK token age to reset to 0.


Do more with CloudStack CLSK


Make payment with ease

Send payment to any recepient.

You can send CLSK token to everyone who own a verified standard ERC20 wallet with a simple action, just need the recepient ERC20 certified wallet address.

No matter where they lives, it will be a matter of minutes before the token arrived on their wallet with little cost/fees.

This will bring a fast and efficient method for a future International cross-border fund transfer.

CloudStack CLSK will also being planned to be developed as a token for new anonymous payment gateway and plugins for e-commerce platform.

Convert to ETH, WETH or others

Easily convert CLSK token with other ECR20 based token or with ETHEREUM

CLSK is easy to liquidate. Either liquidate by converting to ETH via WETH or with other ERC20 based token using Decentralized Exchanger (DEX),

There are many Decentralized Exchanger out there that support ERC20 based token. To ease your searching, you can use LEDGERDEX, BAMBOORELAY, TokenJar, FORKDELTA to liquidate your CLSK token .

You can also swap CLSK with ETH at Uniswap.Exchange

*** How to use LedgerDex : LEDGERDEX


Cloud Staking

Truly cloud staking token for everyone.

CloudStack CLSK can be used to make a saving for yourselves. It's look like some sort of fixed deposit whereby cloud staking functionality will be looked forwards as a mechanisme to earn "interest" like additional token. CloudStack CLSK used STAKGEN algorithm to be functioning.

You can earn up to 8% staking token generated and paid directly to your wallet based on what amount of CLSK you have in your wallet. The more you hodl, the more you will get using CLSK cloudstakes technology. To eligible for cloud staking, you need to use COINBASE wallet


Get it on low price, sell on high price.

CLoudStack CLSK token has been set comparative US Dollar VS to Ethereum ETH and ETH price normally tied to BITCOIN (BTC) price,

When the Bitcoin BTC price were going skyrocket due to it's market movement (May 2020 is a the 4th BTC Halving), surely the ETH price will arise. Therefore CLSK price will eventually be as high as it can be. Check CLSK Token Listing / Pricing Tracker : 0xtracker

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CloudStack (CLSK) Info

Total Supply : 100,000,000
Total Distribute : 90,000,000
Contract Address : 0xBF3C268E7C7698882D1b8538d2c61C9C0077915C

Price Per Token (PPT)
Public Sale PPT : USD$0.050 (Start : 1st Nov 2019)
Current CLSK PPT : USD$0.153

Soft Cap : 30,000.000
Hard Cap : 80,000,000

Supported CloudStaking Wallet : COINBASE
Token Type : ERC20
Token Name : CloudStack
Token Ticker : CLSK
Token Decimal : 18

Supported Token Swap : Uniswap.Exchange (more to come)

Token Listing / Latest Pricing Tracker : 0xtracker

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    Register and create your account on our page. Download COINBASE wallet to staking CloudStack CLSK. Login to your dashboard to buy and make payment for CloudStack CLSK token and others thing

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    Enjoy your life

    HODL your CloudStack CLSK token on COINBASE verified cryptocurrency wallet as long as you can to earn staking reward. Let STAKGEN do it works. Just withdraw and liquidate your CLSK staking reward if you really need too.


Cloud Staked Your's Token Now

    60% on your Wallet / 40% as for cloudstaking management
    3% ~ 4% Staking Rewards
    1 x Staking Per Week
    Staking Payment Every Saturday
    Must hold minimum 600 CLSK on wallet
    Quarterly Staking Bonus
    Promotional Gift
BASIC 5,000
    60% on your Wallet / 40% as for cloudstaking management
    4% ~ 5% Staking Rewards
    1 x Staking Per Week
    Staking Payment Every Saturday
    Must hold minimum 3,000 CLSK on wallet
    Quarterly Staking Bonus
    Promotional Gift
    60% on your Wallet / 40% as for cloudstaking management
    6% ~ 7% Staking Rewards
    2 x Staking Per Week
    Staking Payment Every Wednesday & Saturday
    Must hold minimum 30,000 CLSK on wallet
    Quarterly Staking Bonus
    Promotional Gift
    60% on your Wallet / 40% as for cloudstaking management
    7% ~ 8% Staking Rewards
    3 x Staking Per Week
    Staking Payment Every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
    Must hold minimum 60,000 CLSK on wallet
    Quarterly Staking Bonus
    Promotional Gift

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Frequently Asked Questions

What minimum CLSK token can I buy?

You can buy CloudStack CLSK token as low as 1 CLSK, but to eligible for CLSK cloud staking you need to have at least 600 CLSK on your COINBASE wallet (based on what package you subscribe) at any time without failed. Once it were below minimum, no staking function will be available. STAKGEN will automatically detect, marked and tagged your COINBASE wallet for cloudstaking services.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept payment in ETHEREUM (ETH). Please contact our local activator near your location (list on your account dashboard). Our local activator might have many payment options including BITCOIN (BTC), LITECOIN (LTC), DOGECOIN (DOGE), any Stable Coin, ALIPAY, WECHATPAY or CASH

Can I upgrade/downgrade my cloudstaking package later?

Cloud Staking is being based on the volume of CLSK token being hold on any wallet that's reflect to your package level. It being automated calculate using STAKGEN Algorithm. If you have less / below the minimum volume based on package subscribed, cloud staking will be either stop or calculated based on lower subscription level.

Can I withdraw or liquidate CLSK token?

Yes you can. But please be aware of the minimum requiment balance should your COINBASE wallet hold on CLSK. You can liquidate CLSK token at any Decentralized Exchange (DEX) listed HERE. Feel free to register on that exchange and make your trading there. It's a third party exchange and have no affiliation with TheCloudStack Organization whatsoever.

Download COINBASE Wallet

Available for all mobile and desktop platforms. Cloudstack CLSK Cloud Staking Algorithm (STAKGEN) can only works with COINBASE Wallet.

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.

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